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  • Vadukunda temple

    Sree Vadukunda Siva Temple was constructed on “Madai Para” where there is a divine power of “Swayambhoo” of lord Siva. This temple is believed to have been constructed by “Kolathiri” Kings during medieval period on a plateau land now known as “Madai Para”, in Madai village, the nearby rural area of Kunhimangalam. The “Kolathiri” monarchy is an inherent branch of previous “Mooshaka” dynasty, which governed “Ezhimala” region during 5th to 8th Century. They constructed castles and temples and established their head quarters in this significant plateau land lying at about 150 ft height from the sea level. The mythology about the temple and its divine power is that even after “Bhadrakaali” killed “Darikasura” on this plateau land, the Goddess refused to give up her anger and started the “killing dance” which continued for several days and nights. Since the prayers of the devotees to stop the “threatening dance” did not bring a positive result, they started praying God Siva. When God Siva pleased on such prayers, appeared before “Badrakaali” and persuade her to take a bath to cool down mentally as well as physically. For this purpose Lord Siva excavate a lake with his “Thrisoolam” and the God along with “Devi” took bath in this so called “Vadukunda Lake” and made her mind calm. Then she was given a seat in the northeast part of “Madai Para” and God Siva himself emerged as “Swayambhoo” at Vadukunda near the lake. The “swayambhoo” is believed to be invigorated by the Saint Parasuraman, who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.