• Payanagadi(P.O)
  • Kannur(Dist)
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  • Sree Krishna Temple Trichambaram

    This temple is situated 2 kms away towards south-east of Taliparamba town. The deity was consecrated by Sambara Maharshi. In the right hand of the deity, is a wheel with a stick and in the left hand is a conch touching the waist. This is the basic form of a deity. Taking in to consideration the consecration specialties of the deity there is a change in pooja also. ’Nivedyam’ is offered to the deity before abhishekam with a slight deviation from ordinary rituals .It is believed that Villwamangalam Swamiyar adorned the deity with a particular wedlock which with its magical influence, changed the minds of thousands of people considering that ‘Gopalakrishna’ is their only protector. The only annual festival without fireworks and elephant is celebrated in the late hours of midnight in the Pookkoth Nada (the national highway), from 6th march (Kumbham 22) to 16th March .On these colorful days thousands of devotees dance, run and enjoy with their lords Balarama and Krishna with the torchbearers and drummers which recalls the playful younger days of their favorite lords. The sights on 6th March and 20th March which represents the joyful union of the loving brothers and their sorrowful separation really pierce down deep into the heart. On festival days a Swamiji is invited to play with the lords who are very rare in other festivals. Even though there are many offerings to lord Krishna, the most important offerings is “Karayila Appam” (unni appam). This is prepared in Agrasala and dedicated to God on the Mandapam by the women from Namboothiri families. There are four Madhams known as Swamiyar Madams near the temple chira.The ‘Kalasam’ comes in the month of November or December. The distance here to Vaidyanatha Temple, Kanhirangad is 6kms and to Rajarajeswara Temple, is 3kms. Darshan time: 5 am to 12 noon and 5.30 pm to 8pm