• Payanagadi(P.O)
  • Kannur(Dist)
  • Kerala-670303
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  • Sri Rajarajeswari Temple

    The famous Sree Rajarajeswara temple is situated in Kannur district, 2 kms North of Taliparamba town. Lord Siva here, is known in different names such as SADASIVA, PERINCHELLOORAPPA, LAKSHMEEPURESA, RAJADHIRAJA etc. In venerable prayer, though it seems to be pertaining to Siva, the method of worship is distinct in many ways. Ages before, the deity was consecrated by the great sage, Agasthya Muni on a Wednesday. Hence ‘darsan’ on Wednesday is considered very auspicious even today. In ‘Threda Yuga’ Lord Sreeramachandra paid obeisance to Lord Siva on the Namaskara Mandapam. Hence entry to the mandapam is restricted. To fill pots made of gold silver and copper with ghee and dedicate them to Lord are the main offerings here. They are called ‘Ponninkudam’, ‘Vellikudam’ and ‘Neyyamruthu’ respectively. ‘Pattam’, Wedlock for goddess Sree Parvathi and Pushpanjali are the other important offerings. Only ghee is used inside the Sanctum Sanctorum. Women are allowed to enter inside the temple only after the ‘ATTAZHA PUJA’. Children below 4 years are not allowed to enter inside. There is no well inside the temple. To the west of sanctum sanctorum, the idol of Sree Parvathi is situated and the presence of Mahalakshmi is also attributed here. The entrance to the temple from the west remains always closed. Presence of Dakshinamurthi in the south and Parasurama in the north is also identified. Another specialty of the temple is that there is no flag-staff (kodimaram) in the temple. The deity of Rishabha remains close to the main sacrificial altar. No separate shrine for Ganapathi is located here as can be seen in almost all other temples. Four pujas and navakam are performed here everyday. The ‘Athazha Puja’ is conducted in an entirely different way. The grandeur of the temple and the decorated deity, which can only be experienced through darsan are beyond words.