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  • Hanumarambalam

    Sree Raghavapuram Temple widely known as “Hanumarambalam” is situated at Cheruthazham, border village of Kunhimangalam. This is the only temple where Lord Sri Rama with Sita Devi and Lakshmana on the same pedestal can be seen. The main deity worshipped in this temple is Lord Sree Rama, but the temple is known by the name of Lord Hanuman. This temple was being built in the 8th Century A.D. by the ruler Udaya Varman Kolathiri and was given to the 237 scholarly Brahmin families who were invited from the Tulunadu of present Karnataka. Sri Rama, Hanuman, Parameswaran and Sri Durga Devi are the main deities worshipped in this temple. The popular offering of this temple is flake offering (Avil Nivedyam) to Sree Hanuman. Other important attraction of this temple is the “Thidambu Nritham” (holy dance performed by the Brahmins with the idol of corresponding god on their head, the famous temple art of North Malabar area). Only at this temple “Thidambu Nritham” is performed with four idols at a time. Thidambu Dancer begins his steps as per the Chenda melam (Drum beat) and the dance continues to its peak in accordance with intensity of the vadyam. The dance begins with one rhythm and ends with other rhythm.