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    Madayi Kavu, also known as Thiruvar Kadu Bhagavathi Temple, is a famous Hindu temple in Kerala ,India  dedicated to Kali Amma.Madayi Kavu is believed to be the oldest one built in Kerala. The origin of the temple is ancient, and the main deity worshipped here is Madayi Kavu Amma or Thiruvar Kadu Bhagavathi in the form of Maha Kali. The temple, now under the administration of Malabar Devaswom Board, was originally under the control of the Kolathiri kings. The temple, situated in Madayi near Payangadi, is an important site of worship in Kerala ,especialy in  Kannur District and Karnataka.‘Madayikavu Amma’, Goddess who is known for her blessings on devotees is worshipped as Mother Kali and it is a belief that any devotee who worships the  Goddess with faith will be free from the black magics and witchcrafts of the enemies.   The origin of the temple is ancient. The main deity worshipped here is Madayi Kavu Amma or Thiruvar Kadu Bhagavathi who is Bhagavathi in the form of Kali. The Bhagavathi is worshipped as the daughter of Shiva. Other deities are also present. The temple also contains a Shiva shrine. The Shiva shrine faces East, while the Mata Kali shrine faces towards the West. The priests at the temple, known as Pitarars are supposed to be Bengali Bhramins   and are not barred from consumption of meat and liquor. A particular aspect of the temple is Kozhi Kalasham, which is the sacrifice of poultry for the goddess which is held to be an important offering. The temple was spared from destruction by Tipu Sultan (whose followers destroyed the nearby Vadukunnu Temple). The Madayi Kavu temple was saved from destruction by a Nair warrior, Vengayil Chathukutty Nayanar, who received the title(Sthanaperu) of Nayanar from the temple authorities for his bravery.